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Fairfax County to audit Friends groups

We are very dismayed to learn that the Board of Trustees has voted to audit Friends groups. This action is a serious blow to the relationship that Friends groups have with the county, and a hamper to our ability to fulfill our mission.

Read more about the audit here:

Requesting volunteers to help prepare withdrawn library books to be sold in our book sale.

Hello Friends,

This is a call for volunteers from the Friends of the Kingstowne Library group to help prepare withdrawn library books to be sold in our book sale. Once books are withdrawn from the library collection they must be stripped, i.e. all of the property identification must be removed or blocked out. We need volunteers to work in the library to do this chore. At the moment the plan is to have Margaret Weaver meet with volunteers to demonstrate what is needed. After that, supplies and samples will be left on the shelves with the books so that people can be reminded of how the books should look once the chore is done. There would be no set hours for doing the chore. Ideally people would work in two hour time periods. The best times to do this chore are in the late afternoon any day and evenings on Tuesday and Thursday. The quantity of materials to be processed varies during a month, but for the most part there are always items to be processed. One caveat to all of this is that the marking out is done with permanent markers which have a rather strong smell.

We are in desperate need of people to do this chore.

If you would be interested in helping prepare materials for the book sale, please call or send an email to Margaret Weaver, 730 719-0825

Announcing the 2011-2013 Executive Board

The July 5th meeting has come and gone, and new officer elections have taken place. The new Kingstowne Library Friends executive board is as follows:

President: Peter Bastone
Vice President: Erin Rogers
Treasurer: Lucius Kahng
Historian: Alana Boyajian
Secretary: Pat Chamberlain
Book Sale Chair: Margaret Weaver

View the full meeting agenda here.

Funding Clowns

For the 2011 Summer Reading Program’s kickoff event on June 21, the branch has requested funding for two clowns, $340 total ($170 each).  One clown paints faces and hands, and the other clown twists balloons.  Last year the clowns were very popular with young library patrons, with long lines of kids waiting.  Please vote on whether you want us to fund this year’s request.  The voting lasts a week, closing May 25–please stick to one vote per member of the Friends.  And remember to use the “comments” section for discussion.

Will the Friends of Kingstowne Library fund the request for two clowns ($340) for the June 21 Summer Reading Kickoff?

  • Yes. (86%, 6 Votes)
  • No. (14%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 7

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Please Vote: 2012 Periodicals

Title SubscriptionPrice
Ju Bu Saeng Hwal $168.00
Kiki Magazine $36.00
Quilters Newsletter Magazine $35.00
Saveur Magazine $32.95
Wall Street Journal $249.00
Washington Post $292.28
Women’s Health $14.97

FCPL budget has not cut additional periodicals this year; we are being asked to fund periodicals we financed last year (with one substitution).  The seven periodicals listed above will not be financed by FCPL’s budget.  The Kingstowne branch has asked that the Friends of Kingstowne Library consider financing these periodicals for 2012.  The requested amount is 10% over the listed subscription prices in anticipation of inflation.  The total request is for $907.73.   

A few notes based on our last two similar votes for periodicals:

The branch conducts a survey of which periodicals it most wants to keep.  This is usually based on actual use of the periodicals, as well as input from library patrons and staff.  Our role in voting on whether or not to finance this request should focus on the monetary question–not on which periodicals were chosen (or whether you read them, or whether you agree with their politics, or whether the branch would consider adding a favorite of yours—-we often get sidetracked with those topics). 

Thank you for voting.  As usual, the question will be listed for a week (through April 30), and then the acting branch manager will be able to act on the results.

Should the Friends of Kingstowne Library finance $907.73 for additional periodicals for calendar year 2012?

  • Yes. (90%, 9 Votes)
  • No. (10%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 10

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